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Most speakers inspire individuals to live.  Rickie Burney of Emerging Excellence, LLC takes it a step further by moving you to legacy.  He instills hope to the hopeless and facilitates healing to the hurt.  From community events to corporate workshops, he has created experiences that spark reflection, creativity, and innovation.

Utilizing principles acquired in his eight years background in recruiting operations as well as exceptional speaker/leadership training from Toastmasters, Rickie Burney is equipped to deliver quality performances to take you and your organization to new heights. 

Morale low? Pessimism spreading in the workplace or community group?  Trouble keeping employees engaged or motivated?


Not just a speech. Not just networking. The Emerging Excellence Experience will take you through a transformational journey of reflection, reassessment, and renewal. Before we can create sustainable action for progress, we must properly position our mindset. This experience will be the catalyst for that shift.



Emerging Excellence, LLC emphasizes one primary concept: value over validation. Combining over 9 years of recruiting experience, advanced speaker training, and coaching certifications, founder Rickie Burney provides a robust yet foundational perspective on career success and leadership principles. He fuses theories with real world application and experiences to enhance retention of material.



Engagement. Education. Energy. Combine these elements and you cultivate the Emerging Excellence Experience. Rickie Burney‘s approach to speaking emphasizes the use of empathy to form a deeper connection to his audience. He allows them to recognize their inner strength through resonance of their struggles. You will laugh. You may even cry. Most of all, you will heal, learn and implement.

Sample Talks:

  • Be the MVP (Peak Performance)

  • Your Calling vs. What You’re Called (Career Transition)

  • Delayed but not Denied: Turning Your Temporary No’s Into a Sustainable Yes (Career Setbacks)

Available for:

  • Conferences/Seminar Breakout Sessions

  • Keynote Presentations

  • Host/Emcee

  • Corporate Engagements

  • Youth Organizations

  • Career Preparation Workshops

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